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Wedding at Glengariff Historic Estate

In the heart of Brisbane’s Hinterland Glengariff is a privately owned estate that is perfect for stunning wedding photography.

Today I have the honour of capturing Elliot and Laura’s charmingly intimate wedding day. The day started up with Laura and her lovely bridesmaids getting ready in a beautiful hill top location. There was a calm demeanour demonstrated by everyone and we were able to capture some lovely soft light through some windows in the front room.

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Then it was down to the boy where there was an obvious shift of speed (and noise) surrounded by fast cars and superbikes. They were all very calm about what was able to happen and were lucky enough to get some time preparing themselves is something called The Celler which was suspiciously similar to a dream man cave. They shot some pool and had (I am sure) just a few drinks to help calm any pre ceremony jitters.

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The ceremony was perfect with big open skies and a great view down into the valley. Elliot especially shone with memorised vows that had everyone tearing up followed by an equally special performance from Laura. Then after the ceremony was complete it was only a short walk down into the valley to capture some great evening light and let the newly married couple get to cuddle up and soak up the newly wed emotions.

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The reception venue is an equally extravagant room where an amazing meal was served and Elliot and Laura had their first dance as husband and wife. It was a great pleasure to shoot such a love filled wedding and I wish Elliot and Laura all the best for a long and loving relationship.

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If you are keen to know more about our wedding packages contact us here.

Documentary Family Photography

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I have been photographing families professionally for over three years and I love to see the diversity in the world that we live. Every family, couple and community has a different story and each one represents their love for each other differently.

I have been thinking about how the photos that I take support families to understand their relationships and connection to each other. Sometimes there are photos that just perfectly represent the bond between mother and child or brother to sister.

The more that I look back at those special photos the more I realise that the photos I connect with most are those that are candid and un-posed. They are usually when people are in their own moment and not thinking about getting their photo taken.

It was this thought that led me to look more into documentary family photography. I didn’t realise at the time but this is how I have been taking photos of my own family since I first picked up the camera. It is all about unplanned, unposed real life moments. Like when one of the little cherubs decides to climb up on the lounge and do spontaneous dance moves to The Prodigy.

You can find some pictures below of my first session with the most wonderful family I could ask for. I was blessed with a perfect session to start off my new found passion.

Have a look through and see if this is something you would like to try. Nothing to plan and everything to gain.

Hope to catch up soon.

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