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Documentary – Knight Photography Brisbane

Old clients and acro at Sherwood Aboretum

I love being able to catch up with old clients and photograph them year after year. Sessions are built around being relaxed and trusting the process. There is no need to think about posing or giving tips about the best way to get photos that exhibit the real person.

The Van Wegan family are the epitome of a fun and connected family. They inspire me to work hard at building a strong and loving relationship with my two girls with an understanding that strong bonds exist even into the teenage years.

Many people out there don’t like getting their photo taken and that is mainly to do with the awkward moments waiting for the photographer to pull the trigger. But when you have people that are happy to just hang out and connect it makes the process so much easier. There is something to be said about a family that looks forward to their session and spends the whole time laughing, cuddling and acting naturally. A nice feature of the session is how close the siblings are to each other, especially with the girl/boy combination. There is an obvious strong trusting relationship as can be seen by the launching of a sister over brother in the photo below.

Although the business is taking a heaving direction toward the Family Documentary Sessions there will always be time for the odd family session out in the park (especially if they are all this fun).



If you are keen to chat more about the Family Documentary Sessions or think you have what it takes to get a natural family session contact us now.


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Why I love Documentary Family Photography (and why you should too)

Not everyone likes to get photos….and that includes me.

But…I do love seeing photos of my family and when I am included I love to see myself connecting with my family and not looking at the camera like a big goofball.

This is why I love documentary family photography. It provides an opportunity for everyone to be involved in a photo session without the need think about how you look, what you should be doing, or posing in a way that looks perfect. Actually, perfection is very far removed from the whole process and instead replaced with action and randomness that is meant to express the true personality of the subjects.

Take the session that I did last Saturday morning. The family ate breakfast together, went for a jump on the trampoline, played on the monkey bars and ran around with each other out the front of the house. That’s the shoot…no fuss and no hassle. It was so much fun to see the family interacting with each other in a way that represented who they were as a family and what they loved to do.

My approach to photography is always changing and there are limitless technical abilities that I am trying to improve. But the main thing with this type of work is to feel connected to the experiences of the family without always concerning myself with the perfection of the shot. It builds a collection of photos that are beautiful in their randomness and celebrates the imperfection and craziness in every family.

Check out the shots below and contact me if you would like to have your own Documentary Family Session to help understand who you are as a family.

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Gerry and Edwina’s Surprise Garden Wedding

One of the best things about being a photographer is that you get let in on special secrets.

Like the one where a couple is having people over for a ‘party’ and then turn it into one of the most special wedding ceremonies I have ever been part of.

Gerry had clued me in earlier in the week to make sure that I didn’t miss any of the excitement. I was so excited about the opportunity to capture this special moment but a little nervous about ensuring they represented the special moment.

The event started with Gerry and Edwina innocently hosting some of their closest friends at their family home. Everything was very ‘normal’ with some snacks, beer and wine keeping everyone in good spirits. Gerry’s twin brother was given the task of letting everyone in on the secret, and as he asked the crowd to turn to the backyard, people began to notice that there was a celebrant standing behind him on the deck.

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I was standing upstairs with Gerry and Edwina and a giant joyous roar could be heard from the backyard. I had placed myself upstairs to make sure I captured an image that embodied the excitement from above and was pretty chuffed with the shot. It really speaks volumes about this beautiful family and hopefully, they can look back on it in years to come and remember the moment just before they walked out to an enthusiastic group of family and friends.

Gerry and Edwina were standing up on a small deck and everyone surrounding them. The place they were married was in fact the same place that Gerry had asked Edwina to marry him. With their nearest and dearest all gathered it was pretty tight in the backyard. The feeling of intimacy was ideal. Everyone was absolutely beaming best represented by this shot of Edwina’s animated little brother.

Gerry’s family had pride of place up front and his mother, father and brothers were captivated with the moment and in love with the surprise. I don’t think I have ever seen so many tears of joy at a ceremony and by the end everyone needed a few minutes to compose and get back into the swing of the party. There was a magic buzz around and once the couple resurfaced there were many hugs and friendly blow ups about the surprise.

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We then took some shots of family and friends at the front of the house. This is the part of the wedding that can be a little dry but having the opportunity to get photos in front of the couple’s’ house and everyone still high from the surprise it was a great experience. I especially love the photo of Gerry, Edwina, their girls and their dog. Although it is not a perfectly crafted and artistic image, it made me so happy to be able to capture something that represents what they just did in front of something that they have worked hard to achieve together.

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It then came time to head to the hall down the road to continue the celebration. The couple organised a pizza van at the hall when everyone arrived and it was the perfect accompaniment to the low-key but highly emotional event. I spent some time cruising around grabbing candid shots of the guests and it was clear that everyone was loving the opportunity to be involved in the night.

[justified_image_grid gallery type=”rectangular” ids=”3228,3229,3230,3231,3232,3234,3235,3236,3237,3238,3239,3241,3242,3243,3245″]

Speeches were always played down by Gerry and Edwina but Andy felt compelled to say a few words about his twin brother. The speech was great. And the bond these two brothers have had the majority of the party welling up by the end, as they hugged it out.  

It was then Gerry’s turn to start the crowd tearing up with a heartfelt talk to his wife. It was unscripted but a spectacular representation of why they were getting married and what his hopes and dreams were for the future. These special two people are going to do all right.

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After all of the emotion and drama of the day is it clear that everyone was ready to party. The dancing was just as expected from the excited group. Many great songs were played with a number of sing-alongs producing this special moment during ‘Don’t look back in Anger’.

Another special day comes to a close and makes me consider what photos give back to an event like this. Gerry and Edwina only really had two things they wanted. Photos of what was happening and photos of the people around them. It was not about looking spectacular (even though they both did), it was not about amazing poses and stunning photoshopped perfection…it was about two people and the folks around them being part of their story and the excitement about staying part of their future.

My only hope is that Gerry and Edwina have many occasions where they can look back at the photos and remember the remarkable thing that they did that day and how their love still feels precisely the same.

Now to close it all off here is evidence of some of the greatest fun you can have after a wedding. Enjoy … and remember if you are getting married or have a rad idea for a party contact us now to talk about your what you perfect photography coverage looks like.

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Life long photography clients

One of my favourite things about running a photography business is the opportunity to reconnect with clients at different milestones during their lives. That is one of the best things about being flexible with our approach to photography. I know from a marketing perspective it is better to target your market and be an expert in just one form of photography but I feel that it would be a detriment to my growth as an artist. I much prefer to celebrate the fact that Knight Photography is a ‘Lifestyle Photography’ business and clients connect because they like the way we approach all sessions and bring a bit of creativity to any occasion.

Knight Photography first came in contact with the Ducker family when we were just starting out and captured them at New Farm Park as they were expecting their second child. It was such a natural and candid session and was one of my first realisations that this is the way I want to the sessions to run.

We then went on to capture an extended family session and one of our first every newborn session. It is really interesting to look back through the photos now and see how my style has changed and how I have grown as a photographer. Even though there has been some increase in how I can handle my camera the photos still have a great natural feel and is a testament to the love that the family has for each other.

The last session that we had was at the Botanical Gardens in the city. It was so easy to shoot as they knew exactly how I worked and we didn’t have to set anything up. It was all about the family catching up together and I just floated around like a fly on the wall and captured the memories.

Let me know what you think of extended family photos and you favourite reason to get professional photography.

If you have any questions about options for your extended family or just wanted to chat about an extended family session please contact us now.

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Country wedding Kenilworth Queensland

I still think of myself as a small town country boy at heart. Growing up in Muswellbrook in NSW helped me to learn how to take things slow and appreciate iconic Australian country themes. Old wooden fences, big gum trees and rusted crusty shed still make me smile.

That’s why when I met up with Rachel and Chris before their wedding I was super excited about what I heard. The boys did all of their preparations at the iconic Kenilworth pub with cool opportunities for creative light and interesting backgrounds. The girls were in the cabins on the farm with a very special entry on the back of a tractor.

I loved the ceremony location, all tucked underneath some beautiful big trees providing perfectly clean light. We then had an opportunity to grab some shots in the creek out back with the couple rowing out in an old dingy.

The rustic old barn was the perfect ending to the day. The couple had a few quick speeches and food coming around all night. It let everyone spend the evening catching up and having a good time rather than sitting through hours of formalities.

The more relaxed the guests can be the better opportunities exist for getting fun and candid photos into the night. This crew was super relaxed and it gave a great feeling to all the photos.

We had a sparkler exit as well that topped the night off perfectly. It is not the easiest thing to organise at the end of the night with everyone usually quite lubricated. But, we made it happen and everyone was very happy with the result.

Another rad day spent with beautiful people in a lovely location. Every wedding is special in its own way. The main thing is to be true to yourselves and think about what represents you as a couple.

Let me know your favourite type of wedding below or get in contact if you have any questions about your upcoming wedding.

Check out Caleb’s amazing cinematic short below followed by some of my favourite photos from the day.

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Documentary Family Photography

wedding photographers southport

I have been photographing families professionally for over three years and I love to see the diversity in the world that we live. Every family, couple and community has a different story and each one represents their love for each other differently.

I have been thinking about how the photos that I take support families to understand their relationships and connection to each other. Sometimes there are photos that just perfectly represent the bond between mother and child or brother to sister.

The more that I look back at those special photos the more I realise that the photos I connect with most are those that are candid and un-posed. They are usually when people are in their own moment and not thinking about getting their photo taken.

It was this thought that led me to look more into documentary family photography. I didn’t realise at the time but this is how I have been taking photos of my own family since I first picked up the camera. It is all about unplanned, unposed real life moments. Like when one of the little cherubs decides to climb up on the lounge and do spontaneous dance moves to The Prodigy.

You can find some pictures below of my first session with the most wonderful family I could ask for. I was blessed with a perfect session to start off my new found passion.

Have a look through and see if this is something you would like to try. Nothing to plan and everything to gain.

Hope to catch up soon.

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