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A life changing wedding – Let’s Dance – Knight Photography Brisbane

I was lucky enough to experience my first Zimbabwean wedding last weekend.


You could tell that a lot of work went into the preparation and it was all focussed on one thing ‘dance’.  I started to get a feeling that this was going to be the case very early with the boys listening to bangers all morning and dancing around the room during the preparations. Moods were high and I was constantly being reminded to get ready for one epic party.

The same intensity continued at the bride’s preparations with Aunts, friends and mothers all wanted to take part in the action. Everyone was looking great and the dancing continued during all parts of the makeup, hair and dressing. A special moment was when everyone knelt down to pray for Rachel and had her sitting in the middle of a circle of support. There were some great opportunities to shoot well-lit portraits and capture the happiness in the air. Some super cute opportunities to grab pictures of the little people involved in the wedding too!

The ceremony did not disappoint. There were some very open emotions on show and you could feel everyone connected to every word and every minute. Some beautiful words were said and the couple made each one of them count staring lovingly into each other eyes.

We had some great light waiting after the ceremony and options including a boardwalk, a garden and if time permitted the beach. Often couples find it hard to settle into the portrait sessions and take time to realise the best thing to do is totally forget about the camera and lose yourself in each other. These guys had no such trouble and they felt connected the entire session with very little intervention needed to pose.

I am so glad that we got to the beach as the light had settled just enough to find perfect colours. The bridal party was ready for the reception and took this moment to practice some of their routines.

And then came the reception…

Never have I seen this much dancing at a reception. Each group had their own moment and the different families each had their role in either choreographed dance acts or chaotic all in craziness.  As you can see this crew knew how to have a good time and partied late into the night.

One highlight was the bridal parties dance battle that looked straight out of  Run DMC film clip. A fitting end to a most perfect wedding.


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