Old clients and acro at Sherwood Aboretum

I love being able to catch up with old clients and photograph them year after year. Sessions are built around being relaxed and trusting the process. There is no need to think about posing or giving tips about the best way to get photos that exhibit the real person.

The Van Wegan family are the epitome of a fun and connected family. They inspire me to work hard at building a strong and loving relationship with my two girls with an understanding that strong bonds exist even into the teenage years.

Many people out there don’t like getting their photo taken and that is mainly to do with the awkward moments waiting for the photographer to pull the trigger. But when you have people that are happy to just hang out and connect it makes the process so much easier. There is something to be said about a family that looks forward to their session and spends the whole time laughing, cuddling and acting naturally. A nice feature of the session is how close the siblings are to each other, especially with the girl/boy combination. There is an obvious strong trusting relationship as can be seen by the launching of a sister over brother in the photo below.

Although the business is taking a heaving direction toward the Family Documentary Sessions there will always be time for the odd family session out in the park (especially if they are all this fun).



If you are keen to chat more about the Family Documentary Sessions or think you have what it takes to get a natural family session contact us now.


Life long photography clients

One of my favourite things about running a photography business is the opportunity to reconnect with clients at different milestones during their lives. That is one of the best things about being flexible with our approach to photography. I know from a marketing perspective it is better to target your market and be an expert in just one form of photography but I feel that it would be a detriment to my growth as an artist. I much prefer to celebrate the fact that Knight Photography is a ‘Lifestyle Photography’ business and clients connect because they like the way we approach all sessions and bring a bit of creativity to any occasion.

Knight Photography first came in contact with the Ducker family when we were just starting out and captured them at New Farm Park as they were expecting their second child. It was such a natural and candid session and was one of my first realisations that this is the way I want to the sessions to run.

We then went on to capture an extended family session and one of our first every newborn session. It is really interesting to look back through the photos now and see how my style has changed and how I have grown as a photographer. Even though there has been some increase in how I can handle my camera the photos still have a great natural feel and is a testament to the love that the family has for each other.

The last session that we had was at the Botanical Gardens in the city. It was so easy to shoot as they knew exactly how I worked and we didn’t have to set anything up. It was all about the family catching up together and I just floated around like a fly on the wall and captured the memories.

Let me know what you think of extended family photos and you favourite reason to get professional photography.

If you have any questions about options for your extended family or just wanted to chat about an extended family session please contact us now.

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Beach Lifestyle session – Brunswick Heads

My family loves the beach. The sun, the sand and the cool water is the perfect way to refresh your mind and give the kids unlimited space to run and swim.

A lot of my lifestyle sessions happen on the beach as the focus of my sessions are always on candid and fun moments. The session should be an opportunity for you to forget about all the stresses in your life and send one hour reconnecting with your family. When you get your photos back I want you to be able to remember the fun you had (not the yelling and screaming trying to get kids to smile awkwardly at the camera).

The photos below are from a session down at Brunswick Heads. It exemplifies the session that I want to have with all of my clients. These guys were relaxed and keen to just have some fun cruising around the beach.

There are very limited occasions where I will get my clients to stop and look at the camera. I want the session to run itself and for the people in the photos to be candid and natural with their family. At the end of the session when the kids are tuckered out there is some time to grab a few special moments with the parents. I usually shoot these with some backlighting to exemplify the brightness of the relationships and give them a happy feel.

I would love to hear what your perfect session would look like. Everyone is different and the photos that you receive should be about you and your family’s values, interests and connection.

Get in touch if you would like to talk more about a lifestyle session that fits your family and the numerous locations that we have on offer around the South East Corner.