Baptisms, smartphones and professional photography

Documenting important events in a family’s life through photography is one of my favourite things.


Having families engaging with the experience and each other rather than feeling like they have to capture moments themselves is very important to me as a photographer.

You see it every day in all different parts of life. At music shows, birthdays, sightseeing and even at weddings. I often find myself at gigs working for the artist only to find a young motivated punter centimetres from the artist’s face filming every grainy and blurry moment.

There seems to be a compulsion to capture everything in front of our eyes so that

we can snap, share and feel the buzz of others liking our photos. But the real love is in the moment where you forget about the need to feel popular and cool and just sink into the loveliness of each other. Then a few days later get access to over a hundred professionally shot pictures that document the emotion of the day as well as have plenty of photos of the family together.

Don’t get me wrong…I am not against people taking photos on their smartphones. It is, after all, my most used camera for family moments. I just hope that people start to realise the moments that they are missing out on from being behind their phone. Live in the moment and enjoy the people around you….and if possible let the professional take care of the photos.

Everyone was definitely living the moment at the session below at St Andrew’s Cathedral in South Bank. It was quite a challenging shoot being at night in a dark church but that is why I have pro level gear that will give you photos a thousand times better than any smartphone can achieve. We even got a chance to head up to the lookout at Highgate Hill for some dramatic shots of everyone against the backdrop of the beautiful Brisbane City.

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Gerry and Edwina’s Surprise Garden Wedding

One of the best things about being a photographer is that you get let in on special secrets.

Like the one where a couple is having people over for a ‘party’ and then turn it into one of the most special wedding ceremonies I have ever been part of.

Gerry had clued me in earlier in the week to make sure that I didn’t miss any of the excitement. I was so excited about the opportunity to capture this special moment but a little nervous about ensuring they represented the special moment.

The event started with Gerry and Edwina innocently hosting some of their closest friends at their family home. Everything was very ‘normal’ with some snacks, beer and wine keeping everyone in good spirits. Gerry’s twin brother was given the task of letting everyone in on the secret, and as he asked the crowd to turn to the backyard, people began to notice that there was a celebrant standing behind him on the deck.

I was standing upstairs with Gerry and Edwina and a giant joyous roar could be heard from the backyard. I had placed myself upstairs to make sure I captured an image that embodied the excitement from above and was pretty chuffed with the shot. It really speaks volumes about this beautiful family and hopefully, they can look back on it in years to come and remember the moment just before they walked out to an enthusiastic group of family and friends.

Gerry and Edwina were standing up on a small deck and everyone surrounding them. The place they were married was in fact the same place that Gerry had asked Edwina to marry him. With their nearest and dearest all gathered it was pretty tight in the backyard. The feeling of intimacy was ideal. Everyone was absolutely beaming best represented by this shot of Edwina’s animated little brother.

Gerry’s family had pride of place up front and his mother, father and brothers were captivated with the moment and in love with the surprise. I don’t think I have ever seen so many tears of joy at a ceremony and by the end everyone needed a few minutes to compose and get back into the swing of the party. There was a magic buzz around and once the couple resurfaced there were many hugs and friendly blow ups about the surprise.

We then took some shots of family and friends at the front of the house. This is the part of the wedding that can be a little dry but having the opportunity to get photos in front of the couple’s’ house and everyone still high from the surprise it was a great experience. I especially love the photo of Gerry, Edwina, their girls and their dog. Although it is not a perfectly crafted and artistic image, it made me so happy to be able to capture something that represents what they just did in front of something that they have worked hard to achieve together.

It then came time to head to the hall down the road to continue the celebration. The couple organised a pizza van at the hall when everyone arrived and it was the perfect accompaniment to the low-key but highly emotional event. I spent some time cruising around grabbing candid shots of the guests and it was clear that everyone was loving the opportunity to be involved in the night.

Speeches were always played down by Gerry and Edwina but Andy felt compelled to say a few words about his twin brother. The speech was great. And the bond these two brothers have had the majority of the party welling up by the end, as they hugged it out.  

It was then Gerry’s turn to start the crowd tearing up with a heartfelt talk to his wife. It was unscripted but a spectacular representation of why they were getting married and what his hopes and dreams were for the future. These special two people are going to do all right.

After all of the emotion and drama of the day is it clear that everyone was ready to party. The dancing was just as expected from the excited group. Many great songs were played with a number of sing-alongs producing this special moment during ‘Don’t look back in Anger’.

Another special day comes to a close and makes me consider what photos give back to an event like this. Gerry and Edwina only really had two things they wanted. Photos of what was happening and photos of the people around them. It was not about looking spectacular (even though they both did), it was not about amazing poses and stunning photoshopped perfection…it was about two people and the folks around them being part of their story and the excitement about staying part of their future.

My only hope is that Gerry and Edwina have many occasions where they can look back at the photos and remember the remarkable thing that they did that day and how their love still feels precisely the same.

Now to close it all off here is evidence of some of the greatest fun you can have after a wedding. Enjoy … and remember if you are getting married or have a rad idea for a party contact us now to talk about your what you perfect photography coverage looks like.

Baptism – Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Celebrations are one of my favourite things about life. Having all of the people that you love in one place and celebrating the connections you have and the special moment crosses all cultures and brings people from all walks of life together. It is the perfect opportunity to grab photos of everyone in a candid and natural way.

Baptisms are an important event in both the parents and young person’s life. It is more than just a religious must do … it is an opportunity to gain mentors that will help guide you through life and be a helpful ear when times are tough. Research has shown that just one positive person in someone’s life is sometimes all it takes to build a life worth living and give it meaning.
Many people would not consider hiring a photographer for a baptism. But, I can see the importance of capturing these special moments.
I try not to just capture the important parts of the ceremony. I find little moments where kids are being kids and give opportunities for everyone involved to look back and remember personalities, not just how they looked.
As you can see below the suppliers for the event outdid themselves. Karlee’s Cupcakes provided two inspirational cakes that tasted just as good they looked and Louie Luxe made those amazing cake toppers and type.
Congratulations to all the Parkers on an amazing get together. The love in the room was palpable and you can see that they have the utmost love for everyone in attendance. You only get one chance to celebrate these events so it is a testament to the busy family that they pause and make sure that their family comes first and there is always time to get together.
Enjoy the photos below and get in touch if you are interested in Knight photography capturing your next event, wedding or … anything really.