I love being able to catch up with old clients and photograph them year after year. Sessions are built around being relaxed and trusting the process. There is no need to think about posing or giving tips about the best way to get photos that exhibit the real person.

The Van Wegan family are the epitome of a fun and connected family. They inspire me to work hard at building a strong and loving relationship with my two girls with an understanding that strong bonds exist even into the teenage years.

Many people out there don’t like getting their photo taken and that is mainly to do with the awkward moments waiting for the photographer to pull the trigger. But when you have people that are happy to just hang out and connect it makes the process so much easier. There is something to be said about a family that looks forward to their session and spends the whole time laughing, cuddling and acting naturally. A nice feature of the session is how close the siblings are to each other, especially with the girl/boy combination. There is an obvious strong trusting relationship as can be seen by the launching of a sister over brother in the photo below.

Although theĀ business is taking a heaving direction toward theĀ Family Documentary Sessions there will always be time for the odd family session out in the park (especially if they are all this fun).



If you are keen to chat more about the Family Documentary Sessions or think you have what it takes to get a natural family session contact us now.


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