Documenting important events in a family’s life through photography is one of my favourite things.


Having families engaging with the experience and each other rather than feeling like they have to capture moments themselves is very important to me as a photographer.

You see it every day in all different parts of life. At music shows, birthdays, sightseeing and even at weddings. I often find myself at gigs working for the artist only to find a young motivated punter centimetres from the artist’s face filming every grainy and blurry moment.

There seems to be a compulsion to capture everything in front of our eyes so that

we can snap, share and feel the buzz of others liking our photos. But the real love is in the moment where you forget about the need to feel popular and cool and just sink into the loveliness of each other. Then a few days later get access to over a hundred professionally shot pictures that document the emotion of the day as well as have plenty of photos of the family together.

Don’t get me wrong…I am not against people taking photos on their smartphones. It is, after all, my most used camera for family moments. I just hope that people start to realise the moments that they are missing out on from being behind their phone. Live in the moment and enjoy the people around you….and if possible let the professional take care of the photos.

Everyone was definitely living the moment at the session below at St Andrew’s Cathedral in South Bank. It was quite a challenging shoot being at night in a dark church but that is why I have pro level gear that will give you photos a thousand times better than any smartphone can achieve. We even got a chance to head up to the lookout at Highgate Hill for some dramatic shots of everyone against the backdrop of the beautiful Brisbane City.

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