Not everyone likes to get photos….and that includes me.

But…I do love seeing photos of my family and when I am included I love to see myself connecting with my family and not looking at the camera like a big goofball.

This is why I love documentary family photography. It provides an opportunity for everyone to be involved in a photo session without the need think about how you look, what you should be doing, or posing in a way that looks perfect. Actually, perfection is very far removed from the whole process and instead replaced with action and randomness that is meant to express the true personality of the subjects.

Take the session that I did last Saturday morning. The family ate breakfast together, went for a jump on the trampoline, played on the monkey bars and ran around with each other out the front of the house. That’s the shoot…no fuss and no hassle. It was so much fun to see the¬†family interacting with each other in a way that represented who they were as a family and what they loved to do.

My approach to photography is always changing and there are limitless technical abilities that I am trying to improve. But the main thing with this type of work is to feel connected to the experiences of the family without always concerning myself with the perfection of the shot. It builds a collection of photos that are beautiful in their randomness and celebrates the imperfection and craziness in every family.

Check out the shots below and contact me if you would like to have your own Documentary Family Session to help understand who you are as a family.



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