What a stunning location for the bride to get ready. Leanne chose the idyllic Samford Lakes for her wedding preparations which as you can see was a great decision. The lake is just beautiful and when she walked out on the boardwalk with the little flower girl I think I grabbed my favourite photo of all time. Not just because it is beautiful but there is just something about the moment that makes me smile.
When we arrived at the ceremony I was blown away at the view. The ceremony was going to have an amazing view of the valley and everyone could party the night away on the balcony. There was a beautiful old pine tree at the end of the ceremony that gave it a great feel. The guests were all in such a great mood and I believe that the group shot that was possible is my favourite of all time.
After the ceremony, we headed down to the pine forest and had an opportunity to grab some great shaded shots within the trees. I always love these types of locations as the greens and the browns go so well together and you can really work wonders with the contrast.
There was just one last thing to do that was planned very early in the piece. The sunset shot. There was a great spot at the end of the driveway and although we did have the most amazing sunset I think that we did well to pull out some of the rich colours and also create an amazing contrasty black and white image.
Another amazing wedding in a beautiful location.

Let me know what you think of weddings at people’s house and if you have any questions about your upcoming wedding and contact us to talk about your upcoming photography needs.

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