Celebrations are one of my favourite things about life. Having all of the people that you love in one place and celebrating the connections you have and the special moment crosses all cultures and brings people from all walks of life together. It is the perfect opportunity to grab photos of everyone in a candid and natural way.

Baptisms are an important event in both the parents and young person’s life. It is more than just a religious must do … it is an opportunity to gain mentors that will help guide you through life and be a helpful ear when times are tough. Research has shown that just one positive person in someone’s life is sometimes all it takes to build a life worth living and give it meaning.
Many people would not consider hiring a photographer for a baptism. But, I can see the importance of capturing these special moments.
I try not to just capture the important parts of the ceremony. I find little moments where kids are being kids and give opportunities for everyone involved to look back and remember personalities, not just how they looked.
As you can see below the suppliers for the event outdid themselves. Karlee’s Cupcakes provided two inspirational cakes that tasted just as good they looked and Louie Luxe made those amazing cake toppers and type.
Congratulations to all the Parkers on an amazing get together. The love in the room was palpable and you can see that they have the utmost love for everyone in attendance. You only get one chance to celebrate these events so it is a testament to the busy family that they pause and make sure that their family comes first and there is always time to get together.
Enjoy the photos below and get in touch if you are interested in Knight photography capturing your next event, wedding or … anything really.

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