My family loves the beach. The sun, the sand and the cool water is the perfect way to refresh your mind and give the kids unlimited space to run and swim.

A lot of my lifestyle sessions happen on the beach as the focus of my sessions are always on candid and fun moments. The session should be an opportunity for you to forget about all the stresses in your life and send one hour reconnecting with your family. When you get your photos back I want you to be able to remember the fun you had (not the yelling and screaming trying to get kids to smile awkwardly at the camera).

The photos below are from a session down at Brunswick Heads. It exemplifies the session that I want to have with all of my clients. These guys were relaxed and keen to just have some fun cruising around the beach.

There are very limited occasions where I will get my clients to stop and look at the camera. I want the session to run itself and for the people in the photos to be candid and natural with their family. At the end of the session when the kids are tuckered out there is some time to grab a few special moments with the parents. I usually shoot these with some backlighting to exemplify the brightness of the relationships and give them a happy feel.

I would love to hear what your perfect session would look like. Everyone is different and the photos that you receive should be about you and your family’s values, interests and connection.

Get in touch if you would like to talk more about a lifestyle session that fits your family and the numerous locations that we have on offer around the South East Corner.

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