Mel and Sam really gave Caleb and I a treat with this wedding. I would classify this as a classic wedding as everything about it screamed old world charm. If you have ever been out to The Old Church on Mount Tambourine you would know what I mean.
The lads got ready in Sam and Mel’s cosy home but we are always able to construct creative shots in any space. The main thing was that all the boys were having a good time and were in the moment. There is more to be said about a photo that captures someone in their own moment than anything creative or photo shopped to death.
Mel was getting ready in her mother’s apartment that was again cosy but a perfect space to capture the feeling of the morning and the love in the room. I loved the fact that there were a lot of thoughtful touches like letters being passed around, books that had been made and special things to pass on. The moment with Sam and her grandmother is very special and something that can be remembered for a lifetime.
We arrived at The Old Church and it was a beautiful mix of purples, blues and greens. The scene was perfected with the old car introduced to grab shots in front of the church. There is not much more in life a wedding photographer enjoys that beautiful lush gardens, a cute and loved up couple and pastel buildings all around.
The reception was a blast with the shoe game being introduced at the end to bring super energy to the room. It was a lovely first dance with the shot of Mel dipping Sam one of my favourites of the day.
Another day another amazing wedding.

Check out Caleb’s cinematic short below. For any questions about photography and videography packages contact us here. 

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